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Sports Gear Odors and Infection Prevention

Sports-Gear-Odors-imgGreenPro Environmental Health is pleased to offer one of the most extensive and effective odor and infection control programs in the country. Our process will completely eliminate odors from uniforms, shoes, and sports gear. In addition, we can remove odors from locker rooms, gyms, and workout areas. Our Professional Treatment lasts up to three months. The same treatments solve infection issues in gym situations. Our antimicrobial treatment will inhibit germs for 90 days. Imagine stopping the foul odors in gyms, clothing, locker rooms, and sports gear as well as preventing the spread of disease so common in sports. Our treatment can be applied to wrestling mats to avoid the spread of ringworm and other skin diseases. Our treatment also inhibits diseases like MRSA, E. coli, Pink Eye, skin infections, and infectious diseases like flu and colds. The same treatment reduces ambient odors in workout areas, mold and mildew odors, and that “funky smell” so common in gyms and locker rooms. This type of proactive infection control can prevent important team members from being sidelined.

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Uniforms and Sport Gear

One treatment of our non-toxic, environmentally-safe antimicrobial treatment, and strong odors are eliminated for over 50 machine washes. This applies to hockey skates, padding, and helmets. Treat the whole team’s equipment, and odors and germs are history. Locker rooms, workout equipment, wrestling mats, and shower areas can be protected by our germ-inhibiting program. EPA registered, non-toxic, non-leaching, and non-transferring qualities means that there are no adverse health concerns.

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