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Dr. Mercola Article

Beware — Some ‘Green’ Cleaners are Deceptive and Toxic

If you’re aware of even some of the toxic chemicals used in most cleaning products — endocrine-disrupting phthalates, carcinogenic benzene, and organ-damaging phenols, just to name a few — it is very obvious why “green” cleaners have such appeal.

green cleanersMany people have grown tired of putting their health, and their family’s health, at risk just to clean their bathtub and kitchen counters, and the household cleaning industry has responded in full force with cleaning products that claim they contain natural or naturally derived ingredients.

However, household goods are still very much an unregulated market. And, cleaning product manufacturers — even those that claim to be “green” — are not required by law to disclose all ingredients on their labels. So determining what is truly a “green” product and what is not is virtually impossible just by looking at the bottle, as a lack of ingredient on a label doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not in the product! When it is revealed what’s actually in some so-called “green” cleaners, it becomes apparent that many are actually still quite toxic. READ MORE

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