Beware — Some ‘Green’ Cleaners are Deceptive and Toxic

If you’re aware of even some of the toxic chemicals used in most cleaning products — endocrine-disrupting phthalates, carcinogenic benzene, and organ-damaging phenols, just to name a few — it is very obvious why “green” cleaners have such appeal.

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More about "green" cleaners

Many people have grown tired of putting their health, and their family’s health, at-risk just to clean their bathtub and kitchen counters, and the household cleaning industry has responded in full force with cleaning products that claim they contain natural or naturally derived ingredients.

However, household goods are still very much an unregulated market. And, cleaning product manufacturers — even those that claim to be “green” — are not required by law to disclose all ingredients on their labels. So, determining what is truly a “green” product and what is not is virtually impossible just by looking at the bottle, as a lack of ingredient on a label doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not in the product! When it is revealed what’s actually in some so-called “green” cleaners, it becomes apparent that many are still quite toxic. Read more HERE.

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Why have Green Cleaners Become Popular?

The idea behind cleaning and disinfecting is not to kill the bacteria necessarily. The home cleaning is not equivalent to cleaning a hospital. The bacteria that exist in our houses are certainly not that deadly and all you want is, to get them off your table to be exact.

This is why, a toxic cleaner is not a must. Most people are fine using the chemical disinfectants for their toughness and instant bacteria kill qualities. However, some realize that they may contain harmful chemicals that mix with the air and stay on the surfaces of their home. Therefore, anything with the name ‘Green Cleaner’ sells, irrespective of what’s on the constituents list or is actually inside it.

Green cleaners have become popular since the health-conscious people started looking for a way to clean their house and disinfect as well while keeping it as less toxic as possible. This brings us to discuss, the green cleaners.

Ineffective and Still Toxic

Everyone cares about hygiene and cleanliness, this is why millions around the world buy home sanitizers, cleaners, and disinfectants. It is an understood fact that less toxic chemicals make the cleaning a bit harder because you have to run a few extra times, every time you clean. But you don’t mind doing that thinking that at least it is safe to use. Now and then, we find products that say natural and green but it is not essential that all ingredients must also be clean and green.

Though the cleaners do not contain the extremely toxic chemicals they do contain chemicals that are dangerous if ingested or used incorrectly. We do have kids and pets at home and we want to make the home sanitization up to the mark. Even green cleaners can contain chemicals that are not known as they do not mention every constituent on the label. It can be difficult to estimate, how safe a green cleaner is.

When it comes to cleaning, we want to do the best. Buying home cleaning supplies, home sanitizer and tones of other products to keep the house pathogen-free can be for nothing, if we are instead spraying chemicals on surfaces and in the air. It should not be the case with all cleaners but concealing the half-truth from consumers is easy.

So, Yes, some cleaners may be less toxic but still toxic!

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Some Green Cleaner Brands are Just Persuasive

You read it, some green cleaner brands are only persuasive and not green. They may write on the bottle; ‘Shiny and minty, squeaky clean green kitchen cleaner-trusted by customers for over gazillion years.’

You trust it and buy it!

The thought of green, scent in a cleaner, and trust of customers are catchy and you go for the cleaner, regardless of what it contains. At no point, they have told you, why you should trust them, then why should you?

Several household cleaners are good at home cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing but not all of them are green. They may contain chemicals that can be dangerous in some other way. It is better to knowingly buy a chemical cleaner than unknowingly bringing chemicals into your house.

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