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Horse Stables Cleaning

GreenPro Environmental Health, Inc. wants the best for you, your family, and your horse! It’s important to keep your horse’s environment clean and tidy, specifically the stables – where they spend a lot of their time.

horse stables cleaning

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GreenPro Environmental Health offers a truly, safe, clean, and healthy horse stables cleaning service that uses probiotic products. Horse Stables are often heavily contaminated and have a large amount of bio-mat buildups and biofilm. It’s really important to establish and maintain proper health in your horse facilities. Probiotic products remove bad bacteria to help create a healthy and stable microbial community.

While a detailed horse stable cleaning might seem like quite the task at first, there are a few simple things you can do to instantly make your horse more comfortable, and to make the job much easier in the long run.

Horse stable cleaning

  1. Get Organized

If you want to create a hygienic and healthy space for your horse, make sure you make a list of what you need to do and perform the actions on that list regularly. Remember that the more often your horse is kept in the stable, the more frequently he or she will need their stable cleaned.

  1. Start from the Floor and Work Up

Begin by lifting and pulling out any sort of rubber matting or padding in the stable. Clean this with anti-bacterial soap, an inflexible brush, and water. Do the same for the flooring of the stable, the walls, and the doors. Make sure you use a strong brush to sweep the flooring, and be sure to get any spider webs and excess dirt you find.

  1. Pressure Wash What You Can

Pressure washing equipment is great for removing dust and gunk, and will leave your surfaces looking clean and sparkling. Make sure you allow the floors to dry completely before putting any of the floor covering back in place.

  1. Change the Horse’s Bedding

Add new bedding to your horse’s stable and remove any that has deteriorated or molded. If you want, you can add some odor-controlling solution to your disinfectant to keep the bedding smelling nice. Make sure the floor is completely dry before adding new bedding.

  1. Clean the Horse’s Food Containers

Remove any food and water from their feeding / drinking containers, give them a thorough cleaning, and then fill them up with fresh food and water. Be sure to use plain hot water or cleaning solutions that is safe for your horse.


True cleanliness can not be seen, complete cleanliness means that the microbial life on the surface is healthy. Dangerous pathogens, not only dangerous for human health, can live on the surfaces that look clean. Ensure your livestock are not healthy, by ensuring the health of their environment.

Do you know how to protect yourself and your family against dangerous pathogens such as viruses, salmonella, strep, staph, E. coli, and other microbes?

Here we will discuss two ways to eliminate pathogens, old and new ways. The old method does not work while at the same time harming us, but the new method works very efficiently.

Horse stables cleaning

The old way depends on a toxic chemical or poison to eliminate pathogens, which is neither efficient nor good for human health. These poisons and chemicals do not work efficiently, because whole they destroy some of the bacteria, they leave behind more chemical-resistant microbes and a persistent biofilm that is dangerous to health. Using toxic chemicals creates an illusion of cleanliness, but tests often reveal just how toxic a “clean” surface can be.

The new way uses probiotics, which are good bacteria. These beneficial microbes have been fighting disease pathogens for eons, and they’re very good at it. GreenPro Environmental Health agricultural cleaning products have added probiotic microbiology to chemistry to provide a new level of clean. GreenPro Environmental Health has created a system of cleaners that work on surfaces, in the water, and in the environment to create a Pathogen Barrier System© that will give you true clean.

Does your horse’s stable need a good “Spring Cleaning?” Contact GreenPro for pointers on how to keep a safe, clean, and bacteria-free stable.

Let GreenPro Environmental Health, Inc. provides an extremely effective, safe and economical sanitizing solution to improve the environment and prevent infection within your horse stables!

For enthusiasts, read this article for some quick DIY horse stable cleaning tips!

How do you know how clean your environment is?

We use ATP testing to determine contamination levels both before and after treatments to diagnose the problem and verify our results.

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