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GreenPro not only provides environmental protection services for your home, but we also offer effective, all-natural, and safe products for you, your family, and your pets. 


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P2 Probiotic Power - I Clean Your Pets

Our P2 probiotics go to the microscopic level to clean your pet’s teeth, help get rid of plaque, and treat dry mouth, which can cause serious dental issues. They also aid’s your pet’s digestion and helps them maintain a strong immune system. For animals that are on medications (which can harm their digestive tract), probiotics are an excellent solution, helping them regrow the gut bacteria that many prescription medicines destroy. In many cases, pet owners will find that the smell of their animals’ poo has decreased as well!

P2 I Clean Your Pets is the best pet cleaner for your pets thanks to a combination of all-natural ingredients and beneficial probiotics. Our P2 pet cleaner cleanses your pet’s skin to a microscopic level, giving immediate relief from skin irritation and itchiness. It naturally removes the source of germs, irritants, and odors, thus providing your loved one with an ultimate cleaning experience and protection against germs. The P2 probiotic pet shampoo gently relieves itchy and allergy-prone skin, makes coats shiny, and provides protection for several days.

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The P2 I Clean Your Pet power kit is an essential product for keeping your pet’s immune system in check. Our P2 probiotics can also use for odors removal services with safety that are better left outside while keeping your pet’s skin clean in between washings. This product will improve your pet’s digestion, remove odors and itches, remove plaque from teeth, and gently cleanse your pet’s skin.

P2 Power pet cleaner kit is gentle and versatile. Our pet cleaners can be used on any adult pet, but also on puppies, kitties, chicks, or other small animals. It can even be used on reptiles. Our product is also effective for reptiles, birds, and other critters.

Is your pet prone to allergies or skin irritations? Don’t worry, use our P2 I Clean Your Pet shampoo to provide relief without medication. It will not irritate the skin of your pet. In fact, P2 Cleaner will coat your pet’s skin with probiotics, which is an active layer of good bacteria that will stay active and protect their skin for several days.

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Using a combination of natural ingredients and beneficial probiotics, our P2 pet shampoo cleans your animal’s skin at a microscopic level, removing the source of irritants, germs, and odor to provide the ultimate clean and protection. It also gently treats scratchy, allergy-prone skin without leaving an oily residue.

The P2 I Clean Your Pet shampoo gently removes biofilm and harmful bacteria found on your pet’s skin. After a warm bath with our all-natural probiotic shampoo, your pet will feel refreshed and active!

Probiotic Products

Probiotic-based products include everything from mouth wash and skin moisturizer to allergy sprays and cleaning products. Natural, safe, and beneficial, probiotics compete for space with harmful microorganisms to keep them from multiplying both in and outside the body.

Our probiotic cleaners for pets have been used with thousands of animals, and have been proven to be a vital part of keeping a healthy and balanced animal.

[100% Natural Probiotics, Non-allergenic, Non-GMO, Vegan, Biodegradable, Non-toxic, Non-flammable, No Parabens, No Phthalates, Gluten-free, Not tested on animals, Safe for children, Safe for dentures – eliminates halitosis, No harsh chemicals, No Dyes, Hospital Tested]

AAFCO Approved Ingredients: A proprietary blend of FDA GRAS Probiotics, Water, Biosurfactant, Glycerin, Proprietary Blend of Organic Scents

How to use it?

A little bit goes a long way! Gently rub our P2 I Clean Your Pets Soothing Shampoo on your beloved animals with warm water for a clean and healthy wash.

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