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When it comes to home cleaning products, natural alternatives have only just begun to gain mainstream popularity. Our 100% natural and probiotic house cleaning products are designed for your home, office, and vehicle. They provide lasting on-surface protection against infections, viruses, germs, bacteria, even COVID-19!

Probiotic Power

P2 I Clean Everything

In fact, for years, most of us didn’t even question the fact that there were so many chemicals in our cleaning products. Some companies even went as far as to convince us they were necessary for proper hygiene.  Recently, we’ve all begun to realize that using hazardous materials in house cleaning is sort of contradictory to what we’re trying to do, and that we might be trading bacteria and mold for chemicals that are just as dangerous to breathe and touch.

P2 I Clean Everything is an excellent product that removes dangerous germs and viruses. It is the best replacement for harmful chemical cleaners. Our home care products like this one keep your home or office clean and germ-free without harming you, your family, or employees.

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With our P2 Probiotic Cleansing Products, we are taking house cleaning back to the basic. Not only is our product safe to breathe and touch, but it can continue fighting germs and bacteria long after you’ve cleaned. This is because probiotics can clean beyond the capability of detergents and chemicals to attack the source of bacteria, dust, and odors – an invisible layer of gunk known as “biofilm.”

P2 I Clean Everything is the best surface cleaner for wood, glass, granite, stainless, laminates, formica, concrete, and tile. This product works on almost any surface. This P2 cleaning product is also great for removing stains and odors naturally.

P2 I Clean Everything can be used to defeat mold, mildew, and fungus. Harmful bacteria cannot survive without biofilm; our P2 product breaks the chain of biofilm and truly cleans all the way to the surface. Our P2 cleaners use probiotics that effectively remove pathogenic bacteria like MRSA, E-Coli, Salmonella, and Staph for up to three days.

Without probiotics to get rid of this microscopic film, your home, car, and office will never be truly clean, and will always put you and your family at risk of coming into contact with bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungi.

P2 cleaners are more powerful than bleach and antibacterial products while being much more efficient at tackling the biofilm that thrives on the surfaces in your home. On top of that, our entire line of all-natural home cleaning products are safe, gentle, and readily available.

GreenPro P2 Probiotic Power Products are the ONLY Natural Probiotic Products that work by replacing damaging germs with beneficial microorganisms. These powerful “bug fighters” attack the biofilm for days, safeguarding your skin, pets, and nasal passages from dangerous bacteria.

Best of all, the only active ingredients you will find in any of our P2 items are soil-based probiotics, organic coconut surfactant, organic vanilla, natural spearmint, organic glycerin, biography surfactants (common micro-organisms), and enzymes. It’s an all-natural product for a safe, all-natural clean.


Our P2 I Clean Everything probiotic is completely safe for everyone, including kids. We offer all-natural and safe products that are more effective than any other option on the market! Our products are designed for consistent use, in order to keep you safe from dangerous bacteria and infectious disease.

Add our P2 Cleaning products into your daily cleaning routine to protect you and your family against allergy, asthma, sinus problems, and more. With the use of a P2 cleaner, you not only clean surfaces, but also could improve the air you breathe, maintain healthier oral hygiene and protect and balance your skin.

All in 1 surface cleaner

Our P2 Products are:

– Exceptionally affordable

– Effective at removing biofilm

– Filled with probiotics for intense surface defence

– Contain only certified organic ingredients

– Contain only EPA & FDA accepted active ingredients

– Food-grade (safe for eating surfaces)

– Non-toxic, non-allergenic, and non-irritating

– Naturally bio-degradable

AAFCO Approved Ingredients: A proprietary blend of FDA GRAS Probiotics, Water, Biosurfactants, Enzymes, Proprietary Organic Scents. No phthalates, salts, parabens, triclosan or SLS. NO GLOVES REQUIRED!


Using P2 I Clean Everything is very simple, just shake it very well before each use! If you want to spray it in a small space, then add 4 pumps to 8 oz of warm water; for a larger space make it 8 pumps to 16 oz of warm water. Spray that mix onto surfaces and wipe with a dry cloth. 

For conventional carpet and buckets cleaners, add 48 pumps (1 oz) of concentrate per each gallon of water. 

To keep probiotics active, mix a fresh batch every 7 days.


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