Probiotic Cleaners vs Regular Cleaning Products

Probiotic Cleaners vs Regular Cleaning Products

The GreenPro Environmental Health's Definition of Clean

In this article we will compare probiotics cleaner’s vs. regular cleaning products that are often used in the home cleaning environment. Probiotic cleaners contain bacteria that are beneficial and that penetrate deep into the tiny imperfections and pores where the dirt hides, continuing to work long after the product is applied, whereas, normal cleaners work only at the beginning to show you that it works, but have no mechanism to provide long term effectiveness. We define the cleaning as the complete removal of biofilm. Biofilm is the main cause of spread disease and also making your cleaning efforts ineffective.  It is contributing to the proliferation of superbugs, like E. Coli, Salmonella, Staph, and MRSA. As well as that, the only way to ensure that something is truly clean is to make sure the surface is free of biofilm and protected with probiotics.


Biofilm is everywhere, and GreenPro Environmental Health can eliminate biofilm where it forms ‐ at the microscopic level ‐ and keep it from returning.

Moreover, GreenPro Environmental Health probiotic cleaning services provide the ULTIMATE CLEAN AND the ULTIMATE PROTECTION of every surface in your home, offices, and workplaces. The GreenPro Environmental Health probiotic home cleaning services do it without killing beneficial bacteria.

Also, our proprietary combination of natural home cleaners made from detergents, enzymes, and probiotics can biofilm be eliminated easily and quickly.

 GreenPro Environmental Health probiotic protection work lasts for several days. So, what are you waiting for something else?

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Natural Cleaners

  • “Green” or “natural/chemical‐free” cleaning products use cleaning agents that take a long time to biodegrade and do not remove biofilm. Not only but also, they create biofilm and contain one of the following:
  • Citric Solvent (delaminine), which is a borderline “green” product and comes with a safety warning. Furthermore, Citrus cleaning products create a protein layer that contributes to the formation of biofilm. The vinegar, baking soda, and lemon cleaners you think are safe. They are nothing but only helping to create a biofilm.
  • Oxidizing Agents (peroxide) ‐ kill bacteria (good and bad) and create biofilm Vinegar (high pH) ‐ kills bacteria (good and bad) and creates biofilm.
  • Bleach – is used to Kills surface germs and viruses but requires 15 minutes before it will start to remove the embedded germs and viruses living in biofilm. Indeed, one thing should remember that it cannot keep biofilm away for more than an hour before the biofilm starts to return to a surface. Bleach is a combination of chemicals and has a toxic smell that may be harmful to health. Would you dare to use bleach without gloves?
  • Antibacterials & Disinfectants – are other most used regular cleaning products that Killing bacteria has its consequences. We have often seen how the overuse of antibiotics, antibacterial, and disinfectants has impacted our planet and directly harm the health of both humans and animals. Moreover, these products kill not only harmful bacteria but also kill good bacteria and create biofilm and superbugs. Additionally, they can contain triclosan, which is now banned by the FDA.


Effect on environment

When it comes to using cleaners for Home cleaning, we should also check it’s affect on the environment. GreenPro Clean have a much smaller environmental impact, keeping the world clean safely. Whereas, normal cleaners usually rely on non-sustainable raw materials that can also release harmful chemicals into the air when they are manufactured. Our cleaner is made from an all-natural probiotics formula that is free from any chemicals, parabens, phthalates, dyes, biodegradables, and SLS. When you wash clothes with our probiotics, you can really feel the change it has from the other regular cleaners. It also acts as an odor eliminator because of its refreshing smell.

What are long term effects?

Probiotic cleaners do not just not corrode your surfaces but also offers you safe and long lasting cleaning protection that you can trust for sure. Your surfaces will look just like new. Whereas, normal cleaners can cause you long term damage to your surfaces and pose hazards to your family members.


We use the 30 year gold standard for hospitals, food processing plants and blue chip companies to measure clean ‐ the ATP Meter. To find out more about GreenPro Environmental Health or to schedule a free estimate, call 561-444-9428 or simply contact us here online.

Probiotics don’t only have the ability to fight bad bacteria and protect us from disease, but they’re also able to keep our health in balance.

GreenPro provides innovative and effective probiotic cleaning and personal care products that optimize hygiene without harmful chemicals. Our probiotic cleaning provides a solution that creates a healthy environment for every type and size of animal, bird and fish, no matter how large the herd, flocks, or school. Our probiotic-based products are powered by millions of good bacteria and the beneficial compounds they produce that effectively break down dirt, grease, grime and odor. The result is freak in’ clean and chemical free!

Home cleaning Services

We offer effective probiotic solutions for the treatment and maintenance of water systems and animal drinking systems. Our effective, safe and planet friendly products for the food and hospitality sector to ensure the best possible conditions of cleanliness.

We provide the best probiotic cleaning products and solutions that are absolutely safe for your health. Get the best cleaning probiotics products at GreenPro.

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