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Infection Control Services for Assisted Living Facilities

GreenPro Environmental Health, Inc.

We Help to Remove and Prevent Common Infections

One of the toughest battles in managing an assisted living facility is maintaining a safe and healthy environment for residents and staff. Infectious disease takes its toll on countless senior care facilities every year, but by implementing effective infection control protocols, outbreaks can be significantly reduced.

GreenPro Environmental Health in North Palm Beach is standing by and ready to help you reach your infection control goals within your facility. We understand the importance of protecting long term care residents and patients from bacterial infectious diseases. But we also know that the sterilization methods and toxic chemicals commonly used for cleaning in most assisted living facilities, hospitals and medical offices are not sufficient to prevent staph infections or any other deadly pathogen.


GreenPro does not provide “cleaning services” in the sense as to replace your current cleaning or janitorial crew. Our infection control systems are intended to only add to your existing cleaning program. We provide sanitation services using all-natural, safe and extremely effective solutions for eliminating and preventing infection.



Not only are traditional cleaning and sanitizing methods unable to provide a true “clean”, the products and equipment typically used actually create problems of their own. New medical reports are pointing fingers at toxic cleaning products, insufficient sanitation programs and unhealthy indoor air as the culprits for a huge increase in workplace health problems.


GreenPro Senior Care Facilities Infection Control

Our team of well-trained and properly certified technicians here at GreenPro will assess your facility’s specific needs and provide an infection control and post infection sanitizing program to ensure residents and caregivers safety long term. Not only are the techniques we use to combat healthcare associated infections effective, they are completely safe and environmentally friendly.

Our processes for sanitizing and disinfection include a combination of activated oxygen and probiotic cleaners. To find out more about how GreenPro Environmental Health, Inc. in Palm Beach will improve your assisted living environment, call 561-444-9428 or simply contact us online.