How do antibiotics work?

Antibiotics, also known as antibacterial, are types of medications that destroy or slow down the growth of bacteria.

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What are antibiotics? How to eliminate bacteria?

Antibiotics, also known as antibacterial, are types of medications that destroy or slow down the growth of bacteria. The Greek word anti means “against”, and the Greek word bios means “life” (bacteria are life forms).

Antibiotics are used to treat infections caused by bacteria. Bacteria are microscopic organisms, some of which may cause illness. The word bacteria are the plural of bacterium. Such illnesses as syphilis, tuberculosis, salmonella, and some forms of meningitis are caused by bacteria. Some bacteria are harmless, while others are good for us.

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The most common bacterial infections include ear and sinus infections. Other types of infections that are prevalent are dental infections, skin infections, meningitis (swelling of the brain and spinal cord), strep throat, bladder and kidney infections, bacterial pneumonia, and whooping cough.

Bacteria and Other Pathogens in the Environment

Most bacteria that enter our body exist in the environment can be killed to decrease the chances of a bacterial infection. Cleaning and natural disinfection can help eliminate them from the surfaces of our houses, cars, offices, etc.

Natural disinfectants are ineffective against some pathogens especially if you are COVID cleaning your house. But natural disinfecting is at least something when it comes to cleaning the environment and freeing it from bacteria.

Common colds and coughs are all a result of bacteria that exist around us. If you can kill or get these bacteria off your body and surfaces of your home, voila! You have accomplished a great job of avoiding bacterial infections.

Antibiotics Misuse

Antibiotics can only kill bacteria but when antibiotics are used on other infections and for longer periods, they can become ineffective. Bacteria change their structure and can become stronger so that the antibiotics won’t act on them.

Antibiotics are of two types, broad-spectrum and narrow spectrum. The broad-spectrum antibiotics can act on different bacterial infections and treat several of them. On the other hand, narrow-spectrum antibiotics act on specific bacterial problems.

People who once recovered from bacterial infection with an antibiotic rely on the same medicine for too long. Instead of making their environment germ free by using a natural disinfectant. It is due to a lack of education on the topic of micro-organisms around us. Because it is something that no one discusses often, it has been something that not many know.

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Bacteria from Environment to the Body

Bacteria travel from the environment to the body and cause infections. If their transmission can be stopped, it means no bacterial infections. You will be surprised to know that your heart health and overall health can be substantially improved with the proper cleaning and disinfection. The cleaning and use of natural disinfectants not only kill bacteria and viruses or molds but also makes us feel relaxed and problem-free.

It is human nature that we love to have a sense of organization and cleanliness around us, ever wondered why you like to stress clean? Because of the current situation, it has become necessary and crucial to clean the house along with washing hands. For COVID cleaning, you cannot rely on a natural disinfectant anymore and should step up your cleaning game.

Researchers have found that bacteria, viruses, and fungus can be killed with the use of bleach and rubbing alcohol if not with vinegar. To clean the house from not only bacteria but all kinds of problem-causing micro life, bleach or alcohol-based cleaners can be of great use.

Switch to Prevention

The best way to treat is a disease is to prevent it in the first place. If you have suffered from a bacterial infection that kept you sick, it is time to take your revenge. Kill the bacteria and viruses that exist in your house with a cleaner that is tough on germs.

If you are a person who likes to stay chemical-free, you can use a natural disinfectant made with vinegar, water, and some dish soap. It can be prepared at home with the products that you already have lying in your kitchen.

You may have to scrub a little extra when cleaning with a natural disinfectant but it is completely worth the effort. For heavy-duty cleaning, switch to water and bleach.

Get rid of the bacteria and stop using antibiotics, it is better to clean instead!

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