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Flu and Cold Prevention

Prepare-Your-Home-imgAs the cold and flu season is now in full swing, schools, medical offices, and business offices prepare for the attrition of their numbers as the latest version of bacteria and viruses make their rounds. One thing is sure, numbers will dwindle as infections are transferred from person to person. It must make us wonder, however, if there isn’t a better way to prevent the annual scourge of pathogens emerge. The answer is that prevention is always better and more affordable than the hardships of the medical cure

flu3Don’t wait to get sick. The actual cost of an infectious disease can be far more than the cost of an infection control treatment. Our highly-effective treatment also eliminates virus, bacteria, and fungi in homes, day cares, schools, offices, or workplace. The best cleaning service or sanitizing spray cannot match our infection control program. And, there are no harsh chemicals used or residue left behind. When coldflu2, flu, or any infectious illness shows up, call us in to stop the spread of disease before it takes over. Some infections are simply deadly. Immediate treatment of the facility can be a major defense against the spread of dangerous diseases. Stop infections before they spread through the whole office. And, our infection prevention treatment lasts for up to three months.

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