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GreenPro Environmental Health Equestrian Services

GreenPro Environmental Health, Inc. cares about you, your family and your horse. We want the best for you all. That’s horse1 why here at GreenPro Environmental Health we offer a truly safe, clean and healthy environment with our service using probiotic products. Stables are often heavily contaminated and have a great amount of biofilm and bio-mat buildups, it is very important to establish and maintain a healthy and stable microbial community in these facilities.

True clean is much more than an aesthetic preference; it’s the difference between profit and loss. Dangerous pathogens can wipe out livestock and endanger human health.

How can you protect yourself and investments from pathogens such as salmonella, staph, strep, E.coli, viruses and other microbes? There’s an old way (that does not work) and a new way (that does work).

The old way relies on toxic chemicals that attempts to poison pathogens and aren’t particularly healthy for people. Even worse, these chemical cleaners DO NOT WORK. They may destroy some of the pathogens but they leave a persistent biofilm and even more dangerous chemically-resistant microbes. Surfaces may look clean, but it’s only an illusion.horse2

The new way uses probiotics, which are good bacteria. These beneficial microbes have been fighting disease pathogens for eons, and they’re very good at it. Z BioScience agricultural cleaning products have added probiotic microbiology to chemistry to provide a new level of clean. Z BioScience has created a system of cleaners that work on surfaces, in the water, and in the environment to create a Pathogen Barrier System© that will give you true clean.

Let GreenPro Environmental Health, Inc. provide an extremely effective, safe and economical sanitizing solution to improve the environment and prevent infection within your horse stables.

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