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Let GreenPro Environmental Health, Inc. Keep Your Environment Clean, Safe and Healthy!


office Our solutions are pretty amazing. We use no chemicals, no sprays, and no powders. GreenPro Environmental Health, Inc. is Perfect for Your Business. When we are done, you will enjoy a kind of “After Rain Fresh Smell” that has no residual health impact. Employees and customers will be pleased when they walk in to your place of business. Your workplace will be treated by a Green and healthy process that can make a profound difference on workers and customers.

Spas, Gyms, and Workout Centers get a double benefit. Odors are completely eliminated using our process, andspa1Gym1  all areas will be effectively sanitized.
Activated Oxygen is one of the best sterilants in the world. It kills bacteria and virus by destroying the membrane (skin) in seconds. Activated Oxygen penetrates to every exposed area including carpet, furniture, and walls.


doc1doc2Medical clinics will enjoy the kind of results that would require an expensive team of cleaners, sanitizers, and odor
 specialists. We recommend a monthly visit for optimum results.


bar1club1Restaurants, Bars and Nightclubs need the kind of powerful odor  removal that our service can provide. Stop trying to mask odors. Remove foul odors and sanitize at the same time.


Few would deny that children are a constant source of contagious daycare 1disease. They put their hands and mouths on everything and they do not worry about clean hands or germs. Children like to hug, play, and handle. This means that schools, day care facilities and play areas are common transfer points for the spread of disease.


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