What Bacteria Can Be Found in Bathrooms

Learn what kind of bacteria can be found in bathrooms

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Since bathrooms are places where we maintain our bodily hygiene, one would think they are super clean and safe for us. If not properly sterilized and cleaned, bathrooms can be heaven for several bacteria that can spread all over our bodies and within them, thus causing medical problems and disease. Especially if you live in a big family, with small kids who should develop properly, bathroom hygiene should be your top priority. This does not mean cleaning the toilet seat occasionally or scrubbing the floor every once in a while. It means rising sanitary levels to the highest!

Here are some bacteria which you can easily find in almost any private bathroom.

  • Fecal bacteria
  • Influenza
  • Streptococcus
  • coli
  • Hepatitis
  • Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)
  • Salmonella
  • Shigella
  • Norovirus

Bacteria on Shower Curtain

Researches have shown that a bathroom curtain can hold 600 times more bacteria as compared to a toilet seat because it is not even cleaned. Children, elderly people and those with a compromised immune system are at higher risks of developing infections.

This is why you should be worried and looking for ‘home cleaning services near me.’ Improper cleaning the bathroom can lead to putting your and your family’s health at stake, especially if you share your bathroom with others.

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It is a common misunderstanding that only public toilets can have more bacteria and private bathrooms are safer. Only scrubbing the bathroom floor and cleaning the toilet seat is not enough! Your shower curtain and shower head may contain more bacteria cultures.

These bacteria cultures will be sticking to your body every time you go in for a clean shower and instead come out with a few bacteria attached to your body. Although there are some ways to deep clean your bathroom, if you have kids and most family members share the same bathroom, the chances of catching a bacterial infection are greater.

Bacteria on Shower Head

The showerhead of your bathroom might be the favorite place of the bacteria living in your bathroom. You may not even know and the biofilm of the showerhead is becoming a house of disgusting pathogens. You do not consider home cleaning services near me something important but it is time that you should.

Research collected samples from shower heads of people across Europe and America. It was found that most people who had metallic showerheads and had municipal water connections, had awful bacterial cultures built up. The plastic showerheads and well water using bathrooms also had a significant number of bacteria.

Bacteria in Air

There is significant evidence that the bacteria present on the shower curtain, toilet, or anywhere else tend to go and settle on other places including your toothbrush. It is an eye-opening moment and you should take notes!

When the toilet is flushed with the flap up, the air can spread to the entire bathroom that contains tiny disgusting fecal bacteria that go on to live in their new house. Their new house could be your towel, loofah, or toothbrush.

Although, the one-time deep cleaning cannot last forever. But checking for ‘a house cleaning services near me’ can help you at least have the peace of mind that you did it once. It is also equally necessary to keep the cleanliness to the highest by cleaning often and practicing better hygiene.

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It was found in one study that people who flushed with the toilet cover closed, had a bacteria activity level considerably lower than those who did not. This is why, you should be changing your habits from today.

Growing Molds

You must be thinking that the white substance that won’t come off the shower curtain and tiles of your bathroom is soap scum. That is not soap scum, that is mold and it is growing every day. Mold spores can also travel in the air and reach your lungs when inhaled. To stop the spores from entering your body, you should take care of them before they become a problem!

Cleaning as much as you can is a good idea because we all love stress cleaning. But considering the types of bacteria that could be developing in your bathroom for years especially if you have a shared toilet is alarming.

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