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Professional ATP Testing Services
for South Florida

What is ATP?

ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) is a universe molecule found in all living things, including plants, animal and microbial cells. All organic matter contains ATP, including blood saliva, bacteria, mold and microorganisms. Specifically in healthcare facilities, the organic matter that is most concerning comes from bodily fluids and hand contact. The detection of an unacceptable level of ATP on a surface is an indication of a high probability of cross-contamination and risk of infection.

How is your Environmental Hygiene?

Daycares, Senior Living, Gyms and Yoga Centers can now show their customers and clients that they are being proactive in health and safety of their clients and employees.SystemSURE_Plus_healthcare (1)

Cleanliness is the key to any business, school etc. A clean environment is your customer’s top priority, that’s why we make it ours.

GreenPro Environmental Health combines cutting edge cleaning technology with implementation support specifically designed for your environment. Cleaning to the microscopic level, we use a revolutionary approach to controlling pathogens. Unlike traditional anti-bacterial cleaners, our powerful process is non-toxic, certified green, and breakdown the microscopic contamination under which pathogens hide. Our process leaves surfaces protected up to seven days and safe for use where children and pets are present.

Do you know how clean your environment is?

GreenPro Environmental Health, Inc. can customize a plan for your home, office or facility for regular monitoring or as a one time consultation and testing of your home, office or facility with a detailed report with suggestions for improvement in your housekeeping program. We would be happy to stop by your home, office or facility to further facility to further discuss the value and merits of ATP monitoring.

ATP testing/Consultation

At GreenPro Environment Health Inc., we use ATP testing to determine contamination levels both before and after treatments to both diagnose the problem and verify our results. Infection control is increasingly critical issue for hospitals and other medical facilities. Whether a patient is in the hospital or at their primary care facilities, they are exposed to a number of environmental factors that can have an adverse effect on their health. This type of exposure has heightened the concern with the cleanliness of healthcare facilities.

GreenPro Environmental Health, Inc. utilizes the Hygiena SystemSURE Plus Hospital ATP Detection Program, designed to improve the standard of cleanliness of healthcare facilities. This program offers continuous monitoring, which provide insight as to whether current cleaning practices are sufficient to maintain a sanitary environment, allowing the facilities to make improvements when necessary.

Why is ATP monitoring important for your home, office or facility?

* ATP monitoring is a technique approved by the CDC as a reliable indicator of ATP levels, allowing for instant assessment of the cleanliness of surfaces.
* Priority touch points (PTP) are areas with very high hands contact, resulting in unacceptably high levels of ATP if not properly cleaned and sanitized. ATP cleaning will help you with on-going assessment and improvement in your housekeeping program.
* Record and track test results the identity problem areas, make improvements in housekeeping practices, and show due diligence and compliance with industry regulatory agencies. You will receive written documentation, including graphs of pass/fail test result, as well as recommendation to enhance to your infection control program.

Professional ATP Testing

GreenPro Environmental Health offers weekly, monthly, or quarterly professional ATP testing that measures how clean you’re indoor environment really is.

We offer professional monitoring programs for Environmental Hygiene.

Were in the business of better environmental health.

The importance of environmental cleaning and monitoring for infection prevention.

Let our team of professionals show with evidence-based proof how clean your environment really is.

As it turns out, cleanliness is not only next to godliness, but it can prevent you from getting really sick.

Call GreenPro Environmental Health in North Palm Beach today at 561-444-9428 to find out more about our ATP Testing and other infection control techniques and eco-friendly cleaning and disinfecting products.  You may also contact us here online.

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