Are you trusting your health to your cleaning services?

Your house cleaning service is killing you!

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Who do you trust with your home environmental health?

New medical reports continue to point to workplace exposure to toxins, poor indoor air quality, and sanitation methods that cause huge workplace health concerns.

Biotoxification is the constant introduction of synthetic and toxic products combined with cleaning practices that hurt worker health although it may produce a clean building. OSHA estimates more the $60 billion in corporate cost due to poor indoor air quality.

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A clean building may not be healthy but a healthy building will be clean.

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We know that our 80% of most of the people’s daily time is spent in their homes and there are many types of micro bacteria that are attached on our surfaces, floor etc. that can cause us diseases and we won’t even know how we got it. Just basic house cleaning is not enough anymore. We have to use some kind of products that can eliminate those bad bacteria’s so we can live a healthy life without worrying about it so much. As well as, we know that each year hundreds of pounds of chemicals can push a facility into a toxic environment where everyone suffers in different diseases. Furthermore, the minimum example is smoking in the office; you can change everything and make the environment clean and healthy.


GreenPro Environmental Health, Inc. offers more efficient house cleaning services that are more affordable than any other good service. Now you can clean your home, office, workplaces with our Green Cleaning services. Additionally, our Green Cleaning products are advance, greater acceptance, and use more effective methods that perform excellent work comparable to other traditional cleaning products. Besides, you’re saving also valuable for us! Find a healthier environment with our reasonable services.

How does it work?

When we do home cleaning, office, or workplaces with probiotics products, a layer of friendly bacteria is left behind on the surface. These beneficial bacteria are very helpful in removing organic contamination, which produces the formation of odors and makes the cause of infections. So, it won’t remove them like the normal cleaners do and only removes the bacteria that would cause harm. 

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Probiotic cleaners eliminate the harmful bacteria and produce enzymes that break down the microscopic dirt into tiny particles during and after house cleaning. In this way, the probiotics absorb the tiny particles and digest them as food and make the surface clean for long-lasting. As a result, the surface is microscopic deep clean and long-lasting absorption of odors, so it also proves to be a great odor eliminator.

Beneficial Effect of Probiotics on Environment

All of our products are made with first quality powerful probiotics. Probiotic cleaners have a much smaller, environmental impact, keeping the world clean safely. Whereas, the normal cleaner are usually made with non-sustainable raw materials that release harmful chemicals into the air when they are made. 

Your Health, Our priority

You cannot risk your health on toxic cleaners. Your health is our priority and it’s always in our mind when we are manufacturing our product. Get ready with us for mandated change in house cleaning services and the next wave of legal.

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GCI certifies healthier indoor environments, provides professional development education for frontline staff and promotes proactive best practices within environmental health services operations.

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