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Allergy Abatement Program

Our service has many benefits. One of the greatest benefits is the reduction of allergic reactions that are the result of pollen, dust mites, pet dander, and pollution in the air.

Did you know GreenPro Environmental Health professionally sanitizes mattresses and upholstery?

Your doctor may treat your allergy problem, but we treat the facility where allergens lurk. One treatment usually provides immediate and dramatic relief from the allergic triggers in the building. This also helps asthma sufferers and those with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (“MCS”). Our service attacks airborne and dust-bound allergens where they live. It also neutralizes chemical pollution in the air.

We also work with allergy-free offices and workplaces. Our allergy treatment program can help your workers be more productive and healthy.


Dust Mite Facts

dust mite 2

At least 10% of the human population and approximately 80% of allergy sufferers are allergic to proteins that are found in the waste and decomposed body parts of dust mites.

Dust mite allergen is the number one cause of perennial allergic rhinitis.

If you often wake up with congestion, a runny nose, watery eyes, itching, or sneezing, then you are probably allergic to dust mites.

Dust mites flourish in warm, humid environments. (Hello Florida!)

Your bed is the perfect environment for dust mites; they love to burrow into fabric and feast on your dead skin cells. Humans shed one to three pounds of skin a year, plenty of food for millions of dust mites.mites

A gram (about a half teaspoon) of dust contains as many as 1,000 dust mites and 250,000 allergenic dust mite fecal pellets.

Dust mite populations increase rapidly. Each egg-laying female can increase the population by 25 or 30 new mites per week.

Depending on its age, your mattress may house between one million and ten million dust mites.

Dust Mites Are Super Ugly! During its 80-day lifespan, the average dust mite produces about 1,000 allergen waste particles.

The weight of the average mattress doubles after ten years due to dust mite infestation, and the weight of the average pillow increases 10% after one year.

Dust mite populations peak during the hot, humid months of July and August.

Dust mites grow best at 75-80% relative humidity, and they cannot survive when the humidity is below 50%.

A Johns Hopkins University study showed that “mite population and allergen levels decreased by 90% or more within a month of placing mattress and pillow covers and treating bedding.

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