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All-Natural Probiotic Products for Washing Your Clothes

Tired of your clothes smelling funny or downright HORRIBLE?

GreenPro has an all-natural solution for getting your clothes really clean.  One of our most frequent complaints about foul laundry smells comes from people who own a front load washer. Their testimonies have claimed the inability to get rid of the smell even with Oxy Clean.


P2 i Clean Washers and Clothes Together Additive is right on top of treating the problem of bad washer odors using probiotics to conquer the problem right from the source!

P2 i Clean Washers also is an excellent resource for battling stinky gym clothes, smoke-filled clothes or any other ‘hard-to-beat’ clothing smell.

P2 Probiotic Power – i Clean Washers & Clothes Together Additive

P2 i Clean Washers is an all-natural cleaner for washers and clothing you can feel good about. After you’ve discovered the benefits of this safe, probiotic cleaner for clothing and washing machines for you and your family, your laundry will never be the same.

P2 products are safe enough to eat or drink because they are actually ‘food grade’ products.

AAFCO Approved Ingredients: A proprietary blend of FDA GRAS Probiotics, Water, Biosurfactants, Enzymes, Proprietary Organic Scents. No phthalates, salts, parabens, triclosan or SLS. NO GLOVES REQUIRED!

P2 Probiotic Power – i Clean Washers & Clothes Together Additive

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