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GreenPro Environmental Health, Inc. specializes in COVID cleaning, sanitizing infection problems, allergy abatement, and eliminating the biofilm harmful bacteria live on. We provide all-natural products and services based on the power of probiotic cleaning. Our mission is to promote healthy living and work environments!

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Our goal is to provide a healthier, cleaner and safer

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GreenPro Environmental Health, Inc. works to promote and sustain healthy living and work spaces. We provide powerful and innovative solutions to keep both indoor and outdoor environments free of harmful bacteria. We pride ourselves on our certified professionals and excellent service. We can come on-site to disinfect and sanitize the location for you. Call us to test the cleanliness of your environment through ATP testing services! We are here to help, constantly trying to educate and provide guidance on cleanliness to people and business.

It’s important that your home and office are healthy environments to reside in. We will develop a customized and effective plan for you, to ensure that your environments are sanitized properly. With years of experience and proven expertise, we are able to develop a plan to meet your individual needs. For businesses, we create practical solutions that will fit your schedule down to the smallest details. Our mobile team of GreenPro experts are committed to helping customers provide safer, healthier and effective environments for family, friends, employees and clients.

Contact us and let us know how we can help your family or business!

Get to know the owner -

Jim McDonald


Jim McDonald


Jim McDonald of GreenPro Environment Health is the Environmental Health Services (EHS) technician in the Palm Beach, Florida area. Jim has years of experience in the service industry and brings the best solutions to the challenge of infectious disease control. Whether he’s servicing a school, day care center, medical center, therapy facility, gym or workout center; GreenPro Environment Health is the best way to stop infectious disease with environmentally-safe sanitizing solutions.

Protecting the health of students, employees, or customers is an environmental issue. In fact, bad odors are one of the first indications that something is wrong and may get worse. Florida is the perfect climate for bacteria, virus, and fungi. Jim’s emphasis is on getting rid of odors and controlling infectious diseases. GreenPro Environmental Health uses High-Tech Activated Oxygen air purification systems and Probiotic Power to generate positive results in an eco-friendly way.

To find out more about Jim McDonald and GreenPro’s all-natural, high level disinfectant and odor removal services, call 561-444-9428 or simply contact us online.


GreenPro Environmental Health is a quality service provider for Environmental Health Services. We have the tools and experience to handle the job right the first time. Our work is guaranteed, so customers can rest assured that our solutions will be successful. Our professional team at GreenPro can competently resolve the following problematic issues:

Allergy Abatement for Home or Office
Apartment and Vacant Home Deodorization and Sanitizing
Assisted Living Infection Control
Boat and RV Odor Removal
Car and Truck Odor Removal
Commercial & Public Transportation Odor Removal

Cooking Odor Removal 

Hotel and Motel Odor Removal

Infection Control, COVID-19 Cleaning

Limo, Bus, and Plane Odor Removal, Covid Cleaning

Removal of Volatile Organic Compounds (“VOCs”) and Pollutants from the Air

Mold and Mildew Odor Removal

Pet Odor Removal

Removal of Mystery Smells in Buildings and Homes

ATP Testing for Cleanliness

Now offering deep cleanings to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID 19).