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West Palm Beach Infection Control Specialist

Jim McDonald of GreenPro Environment Health is the Environmental Health Services (EHS) technician in the Palm Beach, Florida area. Jim has years of experience in the service industry, and brings the best solutions to the challenge of infectious disease control. Whether he’s servicing a school, day care center, medical center, therapy facility, gym or workout center; GreenPro Environment Health is the best way to stop infectious disease with environmentally-safe sanitizing solutions.

Protecting the health of students, employees, or customers is an environmental issue. In fact, bad odors are one of the first indications that something is wrong and may get worse. Florida is the perfect climate for bacteria, virus, and fungi. Jim’s emphasis is on getting rid of odors and controlling infectious diseases. GreenPro Environmental Health uses High-Tech Activated Oxygen air purification systems and Probiotic Power to generate positive results in an eco-friendly way.

To find out more about Jim McDonald and GreenPro’s all-natural, high level disinfectant and odor removal services, call 561-444-9428 or simply contact us online.

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