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Turn Your Home, School & Office Into a Virtually Germ Free Zone For The Ultimate Healthy Environment With Probiotic Power.

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GreenPro Environmental Health, Inc. offers you the very best in cutting-edge Probiotics products and Services.

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Turn Your Home, School & Office Into a Virtually Germ Free Zone For The Ultimate Healthy Environment With Probiotic Power.

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GreenPro Environmental Health, Inc. employees are TRAINED, CERTIFIED, PROFESSIONAL, AND RELIABLE. We are proud to be certified by the Green Clean Institute and the Eco Education Center.

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GreenPro Environmental Health, Inc.

Advanced Solutions for Disinfection, Infection Prevention & Odor Removal


GreenPro Environmental Health

“We Have the Prescription for a Truly Healthy Environment”

Modern technology has made some amazing changes in day-to-day living. Cars, Computers and smart phones have most certainly made life easier in countless ways, but there are many more life changing discoveries most people have never heard about.  Some go beyond communication or mobility and offer the ability to consistently protect you, your family, employees, clients and others from colds, flus and dangerous infectious disease without using chemicals, toxic cleaners or expensive equipment.

This method of sanitizing and deodorizing is news to many, but will soon become part of traditional cleaning practices and eventually a legal requirement based on environmental regulations. These natural sanitizing solutions are not only effective sterilization methods, but also create a shield to protect the surface and also neutralize odors.

GreenPro Environmental Health in South Florida provides disinfection, decontamination, odor removal, and infection prevention solutions for creating cleaner, safer and healthier environments.  We offer all-natural, green solutions using no bleach, sprays or powders. Our antimicrobial services and probiotic products are able to accommodate all types of environments, including homes, offices, vehicles, boats, airplanes and more.

Infectious Disease Control

There is no safer or better way to protect your environment from infectious disease, and common cold and flus than with GreenPro’s antimicrobial products and services. A typical home or commercial building holds a long list of hard surface “touch points” which are targets for harmful bacteria, viruses, mold and mildew. Door knobs, hand rails and light switches are just the beginning. Our methods will reduce harmful pathogens and create a protective barrier.

Professional Odor Removal Services

GreenPro helps to remove foul odors from all types of environments with an eco-friendly, fast and effective solution. Whether you are battling the smell of smoke, pets, mold and mildew or other disturbing smells, we can help. Our odor treatment services get rid of bad smells and keep them from coming back with a combination of activated oxygen and our protective surface treatments.

Below are just some of the places we can help improve your environment: 


Animal Clinics

Apartment Move Outs

Assisted Living Facilities



Daycare Facilities

Dental Offices

Doctor’s Offices

Gyms/Workout Centers  


Homes for Sale

Horse Stables


Industrial Buildings

Locker Rooms


Medical Clinics

Public Transportation




Veterinarian Clinics


To find out more about how GreenPro Environmental Health can help create a healthier and better smelling environment for your surroundings, call to schedule and estimate at 561-444-9428 or simply contact us here online.

Green Clean Institute Certification

GCI certifies healthier indoor environments, provides professional development education for frontline staff and promotes proactive best practices within environmental health services operations.

Pet and Owner Health Sanitation Services

We specialize in odor removal, sanitizing for infection control, allergy cleaning, and antimicrobial coatings that maintain a safe environment for our valued customers.

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